Dr. William Ferguson,  President of the Board, Fund Raising Coordinator (Even- Numbered Year)

Gerald Guilbeaux, Conductor (Appointed)

Billy Hochkeppel, Assistant Conductor (Appointed)

Byron Boudreaux, Business Manager (Appointed)

Kent Hanes, Secretary/Treasurer (Odd-Numbered Year)

Kim Sibille, Librarian (Even-Numbered Year)

Richard Breaux, Property Manager (Odd-Numbered Year)

Elizabeth Brock, Personnel Manager (Even-Numbered Year)

Jay Blanchard. Member at Large/Grant Writer (Even-Numbered Year)

Michelle Broussard, Publicity Coordinator (Odd-Numbered Year)

George Roane, Member at Large/Special Projects (Odd-Numbered Year)

David Rainbolt, Member at Large/Concert Admissions (Odd-Numbered Year)

Madonna Warnken, Member at Large/Historian (Even-Numbered Year